[Ages 9 - 13]



Umineko Dojo Youth Class follows the Genbukan curriculum for well-behaved and well-mannered children ages 9 through 13. After reaching 14 years old, teenagers attend adult class. Youth learn either Ninpo or Jujutsu as their main martial art. The youth syllabi follows the same syllabi at the adult levels. A typical one-hour youth class is arranged in the following manner:

  • 15 min group discussion on a specific topic
  • 10 min warm-up or self-defense drills
  • 15 min syllabus training
  • 5min break
  • 15 min syllabus training

Class starts with a group discussion that touches on important issues a young person has to face in life. Monthly topics include such subjects as school safety, leadership, home safety, safety on the street, etc.


How We Keep Your Child Safe

Nature of Style

Starting any martial art training can be intimidating for children. The Umineko Dojo offers a safe and non-competitive environment that introduces youth to simple but effective body-building exercises and mental stimulation. For example, techniques are done both on the right and left sides, therefore engaging both sides of a student's brain.

Ninpo and Jujutsu are defensive martial arts. They both teach how to avoid and escape danger when necessary. Youth are taught to only apply a level of force that is required to escape danger and not to punish or become the aggressor. There are no competitions or MMA style fighting or sparring. Students are encouraged to work together and senior students help younger students learn. Techniques are taught in a step-by-step manner where physical movement is controlled. Through disciplined training a student will develop his or her technical understanding and execution of techniques as well as build his or her character.


  • Parents do not have to stay for class but are encouraged to do so
  • Youth class is taught in a group setting with at least one instructor present at all times


  • The State of Wisconsin also requires that anyone teaching children martial arts has to be licensed in order to ensure that children are not exposed to dangerous people or those who may pose a risk to someone's children
  • All Umineko Dojo Instructors hold a valid State of Wisconsin Juvenile Martial Arts Instructor License

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Different methods to kick and punch
  • Throwing
  • Ground defense
  • Small and large joint manipulation
  • Restraint techniques
  • Proper body movement and evading getting hit
  • Locks
  • Pressure points
  • Wrist, arm, and body grab escapes