[WEAPONS / arms]

The Japanese sword was not the only weapon used on the battlefield. In Japanese history and combat there were many more weapons used, with each one having it’s own purpose, manner of wielding it, and essence. In weapons class we have the opportunity to learn these ancient weapons. Historically, there were many different battle weapons. Some of them included:

  • Bo shuriken

  • Senban shuriken

  • Yumi

  • Jutte

  • Mestubushi

  • Torinawa

  • Kakute

  • Jo staff

  • Naginata

  • Bisento

  • Shuko

  • Tanbo

  • Odachi

  • Tessen

  • Ono

  • Otsuschi

  • Kusarigama

  • Kyokestu-shoge

  • Ninja-to