“Excellent, the Genbukan system is truly a rare gem when comparing traditional and modern Martial arts and its instruction. Genbukan is a complete system of Traditional Japanese M.A.; training consists of striking (punching and kicking), joint manipulation (locks), throws/grappling, chokes, evasion, and traditional weapons. Sword work is 2nd to non in my experience. Coming from a background of Aikido and Judo, Genbukan fulfills all areas of training. I highly recommend Umineko Dojo as a source/place of instruction.”

Jim Matelski


"I've been practicing martial arts since the 1980's and Louis Arroyo Sensei is one of the best instructors I've trained with. Friendly, professional, and experienced, Arroyo Sensei presents a koryu martial art with a real world application.  All the while maintaining the arts ancient roots. Umineko dojo is inviting and the members are very friendly and dedicated.  I highly recommend both Arroyo Sensei and Umineko dojo for the beginner or the seasoned martial artist."

Scott Griffin


"En el tiempo que estado con Sensei Louis e aprendido muchas cosas que se pueden aplicar en la vida comun. Si quieren aprender un arte marcial el Jujutsu es muy bueno Y en este Dojo lo pueden aprender". ["In the time I have been with Louis Sensei I have learned a lot of things that you can apply in real life. If you want to learn a martial art Jujutsu is very good and in this dojo you can learn it.]

Santiago Ojeda


“This dojo is a one of kind place. Its family style environment is that of learning traditional martial arts. It has been passed down generations of families to teach them a better way of handling themselves in this world, while protecting themselves and others involved. Training and learning under Sensei Louis is a blessing.”

Domingo Colon


“Being a Previous Martial artist I found that Umineko dojo is great for anyone just learning or coming back to an art. With acceptance and patience I felt welcomed and eager to learn everything this Dojo had to offer. Louis Arroyo does a fantastic job training his students and never sways from the tradition and skills this art has to offer. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results I'm learning from Umineko Dojo.”

Angelica Hightdudis


“I’ve been to many other places for martial arts training, and none of them are as effective as the traditional martial arts sensei Louis teaches. I learn something new every day while training at the Umineko Dojo. Everybody in the Dojo is very kind and welcoming. If you're looking to learn a martial art that’s good for self defense and effective this is the dojo to go to.”

Tony DeLeon


“My son does martial arts in several areas and with several Dojos. I brought Jacob to Sensei Louis to be part of a more traditional Dojo in which customs and traditions are a priority. He is wonderful with children and extremely affordable so if you are interested in getting your child involved in Martial Arts for the right reasons such as to gain focus and discipline and respect I would recommend bringing them here.”

Ben DuFour