Louis Arroyo sensei

Louis Arroyo is the owner and Chief Instructor of the Umineko Dojo. His is an accomplished martial artist currently holding the rank of 5th degree black belt in Genbukan Ninpo and Jujutsu and has earned the title "Renshi" or "Journeyman Master". Louis is also proficient in self-defense stick and Japanese sword.

Louis is a former US Marine Machine Gunner having held the rank of Corporal while serving in the USMC Reserves, Fox Co, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Division (USMC Reserves 1998-2002). He trained in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and was also a M16 Rifle Expert, Pistol Marksman.

Louis Arroyo, Renshi

Louis holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, is currently the Manager of the Investigations Department for the Potawatomi Gaming Commission and is active in his community. He is also a certified firearms instructor and volunteers as an Auxiliary Police Officer.

Having started his training at the Futen Dojo at the age of 15 years old in 1995, Louis has spent the past two decades training and learning Genbukan Martial Arts. He also regularly travels and trains in Japan with his teacher under the Grandmaster at the Honbu Dojo. Louis has committed himself to the Genbukan and in these ancient martial arts and wishes to share the wonderful teachings with those who join the Umineko Dojo. 

On December 8th, 2013 Louis was very lucky to have been honored by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura with his own school named Umineko Dojo and is now Owner and Dojo-Cho (Instructor) of this dojo.



Genbukan Titles

  • Renshi

  • USA Genbukan Umineko Dojo-Cho

  • Former USA Genbukan Futen Dojo Assistant Dojo-Cho

  • 2010 Genbukan USA Tai-Kai Director

  • Genbukan Special International Instructor Level 3

Genbukan Experience & Credentials

  • Genbukan Taijutsu 5th Dan

  • KJJR Jujutsu 5th Dan

  • Asayama Ichiden Ryu Taijustu Chuden Menkyo

  • Gyokko Ryu Kosshi-jutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Shinden Fudo Ryu Daken-Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Koto Ryu Koppo-jutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin Ryu Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Shinden Tatara Ryu Taijustu Shoden Menkyo

  • Togakure Ryu Ninpo Tanemura-ha Shoden Menkyo

  • Gikan Ryu Koppo-jutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Yagyu Shingan Ryu Kacchu-Yawara Shoden Menkyo

  • Hontai Kijin Chosui Ryu Kukishinden Daken-Taijutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Chugoku Kenpo/Hakkesho 3rd Kyu

  • Koryu Karate 4th Kyu

  • Goshin-jutsu 3rd Kyu

  • Bo-jutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Biken-jutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Amatsu Tatara Bumon Shumon Shoden Menkyo

  • Kukishinden Happo Bikenjutsu – Taijutsu, Bikenjutsu & Bojutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Shoden Menkyo

  • Mugen Shinto Ryu Iai Shodan Menkyo

  • Shinden Fudo Ryu Ju-Tajutsu Shoden Menkyo

Other Experience & Credentials

  • Defender Combatives, LLC Owner & Chief Instructor

  • US Marine Corps Machine Gunner, Pistol Marksman and Rifle Expert

  • NRA Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, and Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor

  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim Personal Safety Instructor and Home Firearm Safety Instructor

  • NRA Personal Protection Outside & Inside the Home Instructor

  • NRA Range Safety Officer Instructor (Chief Range Safety Officer)

  • Massad Ayoob Group MAG-20 Range Instructor - 5-24-13 MAG-20 Instructor Course "Top Gun"

  • Illinois State Police Approved Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor

  • Lee Morrison Urban Combatives Grade 2 Certified

  • Michael Janich Martial Blade Concepts

  • Gracie Academy Survival Tactics (Law Enforcement) Level 1 Instructor Certified

  • Volunteer Auxiliary Police Officer South Milwaukee Police Department

  • State of Wisconsin Juvenile Martial Arts Instructor License

  • Adult & Pediatric First Aid, CPR, AED Certified